DMT GmbH & Co. KG

Essen, Germany

DMT, a member of the TÜV NORD GROUP, offers complex solutions in the field of geotechnical monitoring, including customer-specific development of hardware and software components. In this field, DMT is a service provider for the international mining industry with customers in all relevant mining regions worldwide.

DMT is EIT Raw Materials core partner allocated to CLC Eastern. As lead partner, DMT is responsible for the coordination and governance structure of STINGS. DMT is further responsible for the development of in-situ sensor technology for tailing stability control, substances release modelling and the development of the integrated early warning system for tailings.



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TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Freiberg, Germany

The Geotechnical Institute of TU Bergakademie Freiberg operates since nearly 50 Years and covers rock mechanics, soil mechanics and engineering geology. Research is focused on both fundamental and applied research and comprises mining, civil engineering and waste management. Special skills were developed in respect to numerical modelling of hydro-thermal-mechanical coupled processes in rocks and soils in combination with sophisticated rock and soil mechanical lab tests. Numerical simulations were performed to evaluate stability and serviceability of slopes, dams, tailings and mining waste dumps.

Freiberg will specifically contribute to STINGS and perform geotechnical analysis of tailings including displacement/deformation criteria for hazard evaluation.

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Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Valparaíso, Chile

PUCV was founded in 1928 and has 15000 students in different pre and post graduate programs. It is accredited in all areas defined by the Chilean Accreditation Commission (CNA). The Engineering Faculty is the biggest faculty by the number of students and professors. The School of Construction Engineering has a work group in tailing dams, with several projects in the last ten years with private and public funding. The research projects carried out by the Geotechnics Group, have focused on improving operational controls and generate technologies for recovering areas occupied by tailings deposits.

Within STINGS, the PUCV Geotechnic Group together with the School of Electrical Engineering is responsible to select a suitable site in Chile for the initial monitoring developments and to evaluate the results of the system.

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Geological Survey of Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

GEOZS is a public research institute established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. It is divided into 4 departments. The Department of Mineral resources and environmental geochemistry in a role of Mining Public Service, sup-ports the national ministry responsible for mining in the area of supports the national minis-try responsible for mining with Mineral policy, Sustainable mineral resource management, National Mining Strategy, MR related to land use planning, Assistance in Permitting/Licensing procedures and furthermore with maintaining Mineral Resource Infrastructure System.

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Münster, Germany

EFTAS is an SME founded in 1988 in Münster (Germany) specialised in the development and application of innovative Earth Observation- and Geoinformation technologies (GeoIT). One of our core application domains is the Raw Materials sector with Remote Sensing applications for the detection of primary and secondary resources, GeoIT-based Early Warning Systems and Environmental Monitoring Systems. Recent R&D activities focus on the use of Copernicus Sensor data and services for the Raw Material sector.

In STINGS the company focuses on the development of monitoring components using data from the Sentinel Missions of the European Copernicus Initiative. Copernicus is foreseen to support the monitoring of the tailing dam stability and the overall integrity of the tailing pond using optical and radar remote sensing data. Copernicus radar data from Sentinel-1 will be used to detect ground movements of the tailing dam, whereas Sentinel 2 data will be integrated in combination with Sentinel 1 data to support detection of leakages and to analyze tailing content.

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University of Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany

The Institute for Photogrammetry (ifp) of University of Stuttgart is well known in the Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing community for now 50 years. Recently Prof. Sörgel became new director of this institute. He is well known as remote sensing expert, in particular with respect to SAR Interferometry. Currently a new group of scientist is set-up at ifp whose research shall focus on radar remote sensing. Ifp has access to commercial software for dInSAR and PSI, but the expertise present in the institute is going beyond in form of own research activities including development of novel scientific approaches.

Stuttgart will provide expert input to radar remote sensing technology developments within STINGS.

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Ovidius University of Constanta

Constanta, Romania

OVIDIUS is a research and education public university and is an EIT Raw Materials core partner allocated to CLC Eastern.  OUC is the leading Academic institution from the South-East Region of Romania. The 17.000 students of OUC are registered in 16 faculties, covering a wide range of subjects, from life sciences and humanities to engineering and fundamental sciences. Being structured as a classical European university, OUC is playing an active regional role with strong ties with the business and social communities.

Ovidus specifically contributes to technology for observation of chemical content of tailings, emission of particles by air (dust), moisture of the tailings inside the tailing basin, chemical content of liquids inside the tailing and detection of potential leakages.

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LTU Business AB

Luleå, Sweden

LTU Business AB is the largest business development company in northern Scandinavia. LTU specializes in business development, innovation management and professional education. In addition to being the official Technology Transfer Office for the Luleå University of Technology, LTU serves clients from both private and public sector. Today LTU holds a thirty year track record of running industry collaboration efforts and student programs in order to create growth in SMEs in northern Sweden, a region where several raw materials related companies are started every year. LTU's experience in business development have made it a trusted partner for innovation management on the international arena including numerous European projects in industry sectors including mining, renewable energy, ICT and more.

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